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Annual Roof Inspection – Why You Need It – Call Baldpates Construction Group Today!

The roof has a warranty, so you are covered, right?  Roofs are expensive and are an investment in your home or commercial building.  Like any other investment, it may need inspection or maintenance to keep it in top working condition.

Most roofs should be inspected, at a minimum, annually, though twice a year is better.  Here are some common issues for roofs that might save you thousands of dollars down the road.


Roofs are exposed to all extremes of temperatures and inclement weather.  Constant exposure may accelerate the aging of your roof.


Roofs like so many other products must be maintained to stay in good shape.  Issues like flashing material, seals, base flashing, penetration flashing or drain flashing’s can break down if not maintained.


Extreme winds can cause a vacuum and uplifting pressure, ripping up the roofing membrane or system.  Roofing and installation must be fastened and secured to the perimeter and the main roof structure to counteract these forces.

Rooftop Equipment

It is important that rooftop equipment not be attached directly to the roof membrane but mounted to a support system.  Then flange or curb flashing can help to make the roof watertight.

Read our blog about some things you can look at to determine if you are having roof issues.

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