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Baldpates Construction Group – Earning Referrals on Large Projects

Baldpates Construction Group [BCG]recently completed a project at Glenwood Green in Midtown Atlanta.  Bobby Purvis with the roofing division stated, ” BCG preformed a complete re-roof of 32 buildings approximately 3,000 square feet using GAF Timberline HD shingles and provided the industry leading GAF Golden Pledge Roof warranty. Project was completed in 35 working days with minimal disturbances to residents, keeping a good working relationship with all parties involved.”

He was  impressed with the professionalism of Baldpates Construction Group and stated “In addition to the roof replacement, BCG was able to minimize inconvenience to the homeowners by having a superintendent on site at all times to work hand and hand with the Homeowner Association President as well as the Management company. This allowed BCG to address any and all concerns as quickly as possible, thus allowing the crews to continue their work on the roofs. ”

Lyn Deardorff, President of the Board of the Directors at Glenwood Grfeen HOA stated “For ten weeks in 2019, Baldpates Construction Company undertook the reroofing of our community’s eighteen-year-old 31 buildings and 188 units.  The process could not have been better or smoother.  From the owners to the office staff to the supervisors on the ground, we were kept fully informed on a daily basis of the progress and any changes as required by the weather. Work was fast, smooth, and most of all – the very best quality.  And the feedback from our residents was positive and even glowing!  We now have 40-year warranted roofs and the peace of mind that goes with a job needed and done well. ”

A satisfied client is our best referral.  Call (770) 728-9412  or request a quote here.

Specializing in multi-family, commercial, and residential construction, renovation, and restoration, BCG offers the ultimate solution for apartment/condo renovations, a full roof replacement, new siding, new gutters, and exterior painting.   With a comprehensive background with managing larger scale projects, BCG is prepared to ensure that your project will be completed on time and on budget. Our experience in working with projects of all sizes is second to none and our commitment to detail is what helps us stand out above the rest.

Each roofing system consist of premium quality materials and BCG stands behind each and every job with both a craftsmanship and material warranty.  If it is an insurance claim, our licensed insurance adjusters will walk you through the process to ensure that your roof repair or replacement is stress free , uncomplicated and completed on time.

The state and federal government offers different loan, rebates and tax credit programs for energy efficient improvements on both residential and commercial/business installations.  Click here to use your zip code to find your qualified plans.

Here are some major signs that it’s time to replace your roof:

  • It’s old
    Age matters when considering a roof replacement. Some roofs can last anywhere from 20 to 80 years, depending on its material. Asphalt shingles last around 20 years, at which point they start to curl if your roof is not properly ventilated.
  • It has dark streaks on it
    Dark streaks are caused by airborne algae sticking to your roof over time. The streaks won’t necessarily harm your roof, but they certainly don’t look good. Treat the stained areas with a mixture of water and bleach, using your low-pressure garden hose to gently rinse off the mixture.
  • It fails inspection
    The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) recommends a bi-annual spot-check in addition to checking after severe weather hits. Access the roof’s exterior using a ladder, and go inside your attic to look for interior damage or weak spots from inside leaks.


Bottom line:  The best time to plan for a roof replacement is before it is necessary.  Check your roof for age and damage and check for inside roof leaks.  Still not sure if you need a new roof?  Call (770) 728-9412  or request a quote here.

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