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How’s Your Roof? Annual Roof Maintenance with Baldpates Construction Group

How is your roof?  It is not a question that most think about very often until there are issues.  Did you know that annual roof maintenance and proper drainage may save you thousands of dollars later?

Not Maintaining the Roof

When there is no maintenance on  a roof and a certain amount of maintenance is required to not void a warranty, it can cause issues later.   There are things to look for like standing water, flashing that has slipped , pitch pockets that are not filled are the easier things to check even if you are not a roofing expert. Taking care of the small things before they escalate maximizes roof life and causes less headaches later.

Proper Drainage

Every roof needs proper drainage.  The drainage system may include gutters and downspouts, interior drains and/or scuppers.

  • Gutters and downspouts direct water on roofs away from buildings.
  • Internal drains run water from the roof into pipes that go through the building.
  • Scuppers are openings at a building’s perimeter that allow water to drain into a downspout.


The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety has these basic maintenance tips:

  • Inspect and clean roof drainage systems at least twice a year, ideally in the spring and fall, with additional checks after severe weather
  • Remove impediments to good drainage on the roof, including keeping tree branches away from the roof, making sure leaves don’t clog roof drains, removing debris left from contractors who work on the roof and cleaning out areas around roof-mounted equipment
  • Clean gutters and downspouts thoroughly, including running water through them to be sure they aren’t clogged and checking for sagging, loose connections, or broken or missing fasteners
  • Repair cracks around drains and examine strainers to be sure they are securely in place
  • Fix problems as they arise, such as removing standing water on your roof, in drainage systems, close to your HVAC system or around the building perimeter
  • Keep downspouts funneling water away from the building so water doesn’t pond too close to the building
  • If you are re-roofing, consider replacing gutters, drains and scuppers with new and better versions at the same time, or at the least, get them back in place and make sure they are functioning properly
  • If you are replacing gutters, look at larger ones for greater flow

Not sure if your roof needs maintenance?  Call (770) 728-9412  or request a quote here.

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