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Why Choose Aggregate Piers for Your Project – Ask Baldpates Construction Group


When working on a project where the soil is poor, soft, or contaminated can lead to reinforcement issues. One answer is to use aggregate piers. The very definition of aggregate piers allows you to know why this ground improvement option works.

First, also known as Vibro stone columns or aggregate piers, these are an array of crushed stone pillars placed with a vibrating tool into the soil below a proposed structure. The method of ground improvement is also known as Vibro replacement. The improvement techniques work by increasing the load-bearing capacity and drainage of the soil. Using this technique is done in conjunction with reducing settlement and liquefaction potential. This process was originally used in Europe during the 1950s and became known in the United States during the 1970s. Source: Wikipedia

What are Aggregate Piers?

This system is used to reinforce good to inferior soils. These types of soils include loose sand, soft silt and clay, mixed soil layers, uncontrolled fill, contaminated soils, and soils below the groundwater table by using a patented displacement mandrel. Using the displacement process allows for installation with no spoils and eliminates the need for a casing. The performance, along with its cost-effective qualities make it the ideal solution for soils that are subject to caving. Secondly, the Aggregate Rammed Piers, an Impact system, can be used for multiple soil types and groundwater conditions.

Common Uses for Aggregate Piers

Strengthening foundations. 

  • Rammed Aggregate Piers are a simple way to dramatically increase the strength and bearing pressure of foundations so that they can meet the requirements of their project.

Wall and embankment stabilization.

  • Aggregate piers are often used in soft, poor- or mixed-soil environments to provide stabilization for large walls and embankments. The stress of the pillars being vibrated into the earth compacts the soil, making the ground stronger, increasing its weight-bearing capacity, and overall safety.

Agricultural, municipal, and manufacturing support

  • VSCs provide a solid, compressed foundation on which to build structures with heavy equipment and machinery.

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